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If my mentally ill wife is telling me that she is going to

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If my mentally ill wife is telling me that she is going to have some one kill her and that she is going to leave this and that to the kids am I legally responsible to report this? We are currently separated and she's living god knows where. I think it's a ploy to try to get me to contact her. Currently I have an emergency protective order in place on her because of an assault.
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am I legally responsible to report this?
From a purely legal perspective, the answer is no, a person has no duty to take preventative actions to keep another adult from harming themselves.
But from a moral or ethical viewpoint, it might be a good idea to notify local police that she had made these threats and have them go by and do a status check on her. That way you don't have to contact her directly and if she needs help, the police can get her some.






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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My wife finally snapped and went into the local mental health services facility and asked to be institutionalized into a state facility. She was asked a range of questions even if she had thought about killing herself and she said YES. They did not take her in and gave her a brochure with a hotline number on it and pretty much sent her on her way. She is paranoid and delusional and me and her family do not know what to do with her. It is like there is no hope for the families of the mentally ill

It definitely seems that way, but it is up to you as to whether you notify the police if she is in a suicidal state. Having gone through that myself in my family, I completely understand your situation. My family member was diagnosed as an undifferentiated schizophreniac, which is apparently the worst you can get. He eventually took his own life after many trips to the state hospital where he would get stabilized on meds, then released, stop the meds, and deteriorate.
It is a very tough thing to deal with...but you can only try to help when you can tell that the person is in one of the bad swings...
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