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Can I call the police if my husband taking the synthetic drug

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Can I call the police if my husband taking the synthetic drug like spice for long time and bother me and my son who just is 3 year old now.?

Brandon M. : Hello there:
Brandon M. : Thank you for your question. Can you explain what you mean when you say he is bothering you? What is he doing to bother you?
Customer: Hello ,
Customer: he keeps smoking it to 3 am, does noise, all my family members can not go to sleep. When I talk him " pls stop" , he screams, say bad words,, .this happens for a year, before he uses coca in, sometimes threaten to hit me, I am scare . I feel not safe, I want to know this synthetic drug Is legal in Florida.? He said to me it legal
Customer: I am not sure he is using coca in now or not but he is using the spice ( k2) ( sold I gas station and on it label showing legal
Brandon M. : Thank you. "Spice" can include several different synthetic drugs, but action can be taken regardless of whether the drug is legal or not if use of the drug is jeopardizing the safety or welfare of a child. Most synthetic drugs that are sold on the streets are "controlled" substances under Florida statute 893.03, so "yes" the synthetic "spice" drugs are generally illegal in Florida. If your husband is under the influence of synthetic drugs, or has illegal synthetic drugs in his possession, you can call the police. If it is not an emergency, it is still ok to call--just try calling their non-emergency number. Also, if your husband's drug use is endangering your child's safety, you can also call the Florida Department of Children and Families even if the drug is legal to possess. So a claim that it is ok to behave dangerously simply because the drug is illegal is not true.
Brandon M. : New synthetic drugs are constantly being created so the law has had a difficult time keeping up with them. Most synthetic drugs were legal in Florida as recently as 2011. However, most of the popular ones have since been criminalized.
Brandon M. : But regardless, being under the influence of any such drug when a child is in your care will potentially constitute child endangerment, and that is its own crime, even if the drug is prescribed by a doctor.
Brandon M. : Does that make sense?
Brandon M. : It appears that you may have gone offline. Let me know if further clarification, and please feel free to leave a positive rating once you are completely finished--I work for ratings. Thanks.
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