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I am in the state of Ms and, I had an encounter with a lady,

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I am in the state of Ms and, I had an encounter with a lady, and now she claims that you she pregant, I informed her that I did not want nor was ready for a child, and she did not want to abort, she stated that I did not have to do anything concerning this child, and I could give up my rights. Now you wants DNA test and sending messages says it is mine. I told her to just bring the papers and I will give up all rights to this child, I do not want any contact from you or your child. The question is can I give up all rights to this child, if I did get her pregnant, I really do not want to have any contact with her, even considering moving out of the state.
Good afternoon:

In order to give up your rights, you'd first need to establish that you had any, which would require you and the child to submit to a DNA test. If you are not sure that the child is yours, I'd find out before going through any legal process of giving up your rights.

If the child is yours and you do not wish to support it or be involved in the child's life, you can voluntarily terminate your parental rights, once it's been established that you have any. OR she can petition the court to terminate your rights based on a set of factors that MS law lays out. If you do not voluntarily terminate your rights, she would have to bring the case for involuntarily terminating your rights. In either case, the termination would need to be approved by a Judge. Whether or not a Judge will approve it will depend on the circumstances, as Judges expect that two parents will support the child. In other words, the Judge may expect that you take responsibility for the child whether or not you want to.

I know right now you are not ready and do not want to deal with the mother, but keep in mind that later on down the road, if you decide you want to seek out the child that bears your genes and DNA, if you have terminated your rights, you will have no legal right to see your child. It's a big decision to make, since you will be essentially rendering your child fatherless.
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