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Doug, How do I go about getting and completing a Demand

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How do I go about getting and completing a Demand for Production of Documents? Is it essential that I need an attorney to complete this, or may I order this online...or go to a do it yourself legal assistance company, or even a para-legal? Is this particular document essential for the copy of a Promissory Note to hold up in court?

Good afternoon,

Thanks for asking for me.

It is not something that is completed entirely online. However you do not need an attorney to do it either, if you are resourceful. You will need a program that gives you pleading paper (the paper with 28 numbered lines to a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I believe the WordPerfect program has it, and maybe others as well, and you may even find it on the internet) in the background of your computer page and then you can type the Request out and serve it by mail.

The format of the Request looks something like this:

Your name

Your Address of record

Your phone Number

Respondent, In Propria Persona




His name,)




vs.)Set No. Two (1)


Your name, )





PROPOUNDING PARTY:Respondent, Your name

RESPONDING PARTY:Petitioner, His Name

SET NO.:One (1)

TO: XXXXX XXXXX name and XXXXXXX, Esq., his attorney of record:Respondent, Your Name, request that you produce and permit the inspection and copying on (month date, year) at (provide an address where you want production), California or at such other time and place as may be arranged, the following:

1.Any and all Promissory Notes ever executed by Petitioner (His Name) in favor of Respondent (Your Name)

/ / /


DATED: September ____, 1995


Your Name, Respondent, In Propria Persona

And, if you need additional help in drafting discovery, or pleadings, you can always go to your local law library and get the information you need to do it yourself there. Unfortunately, as easy as it is in CA to actually represent yourself, there are times when you have you leave your house to go the the library---no different than us attorneys.

You would be better off having a local family law attorney do this for you---but if you have more time than money, you can try and do it yourself.Virtually every county has a law library.Ask the law librarian to show you where the books on Pleading and Practice are located.Generally there are many volumes of Pleading and Practice books from which you can pick the proper one for your situation.While the librarian is typically not a lawyer, and cannot practice law, most are quite willing to assist you in locating the chapter in the Pleading and Practice book which you will need.

Once you have found the appropriate pleading, you will note that in addition to the sample pleading which contains all of the necessary structure for your Pleading, there may also be suggestions to make your pleading more persuasive.Prepare your pleading in accordance with the suggested format in the book, inserting the facts of your case as you know them to be.Then all you will need to do is to draft the pleading on your computer, print it out and file the original with the court while serving the other party, or their attorney, with a copy.

Here is the DOC in the proper format---hopefully:

Attachment: 2013-07-07_213324_pod.docx

You may reply back to me again, using the Reply to Expert link, if you have additional questions.

I wish you the best in your future,



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