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I am a US servicemember stationed in germay and my wifes daughter

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I am a US servicemember stationed in germay and my wife's daughter is british and i am wanting to adopt my step daughter. The biological father is unknown and my step daughters birth certificate just show my wife on it.

What options do i have in the states. I was born in Utah but lived the majority of my life in the UK until I joind the Air Force in 1998.
Thank you for asking.

Your question presents a jurisdictional issue and I need more information to sort this out.

Do you or your wife maintain a residence or even a drivers license from any State in the U.S.?

Are you all in Germany now? If not, please clarify where each of you are living.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have an Arizona drivers license as that is the 1st place I was stationed upon joining the AF. I am based in Germany and will be until 2016 but currently deployed to Afghanistan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Answer came too late.

Is your spouse and her daughter still in Arizona?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No my spouse is a british citizen and living in Germany. We were told by the legal office that our best option for me US citizen was to enquire in the states and start the process there?? Just seeing how an uncontested adoption works for me being a servicemember with british dependents living and assigned to Germany.

If you are all in Germany it seems like the easiest option would be to file an adoption case there.

Any US State is very likely to decline to exercise jurisdiction unless the child is physically present in that State. Virtually every US State requires a "home study" prior to granting an adoption petition, and it is not practical for a US Court investigator to conduct a home study in Germany.

Arizona does not appear to have jurisdiction unless you are residing there.
An Arizona statute states:
8-104. Venue
A petitioner may begin adoption proceedings in the court in the county where the prospective adoptive parent resides or, if applicable, in the county where the child is a ward.

My opinion is that you need a lawyer in Germany to do this unless you want to wait until you are back in the States.

You can find adoption lawyers in Germany listed by location at

I understand that this may not be the answer you had hoped for, but it would be a disservice to you, and unprofessional of me, not to provide accurate information.

I hope this information is helpful.
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