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If my son gets ss benefits from his 67 year old dad, shouldnt

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If my son gets ss benefits from his 67 year old dad, shouldn't the dad still pay partial child support in ct. I was told it was 2/3s. We have Minot gotten a dime since 2008. The dad is working

C.G.S. 46b-215a-1(11)(A)(x) provides that income for purposes of calculating child support includes, "social security benefits (excluding Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a parent or a child), including dependency benefits on the earnings record of an insured parent that are paid on behalf of a child whose support is being determined."

Considering that Social Security is included in the definition of income for purpses of calculating child support under Connecticut law, there is no reason why your son's father should not be paying child support.

If you have not applied for services in the past, CT Support Enforcement Services can enforce support and arrears, and it can modify your existing child support orders to ensure that they fairly represent the amount that the child's father should be paying. Click here for the local office in your area.

And, if you need further assistance, please feel free to ask.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
May I have your office number and adress
Hello again,

Regrettably, I cannot provide you with my personal contact info.

The website terms of service prohibits contributors from taking clients via the website. Even if the policy were to permit me to do so, I'm retired and not taking cases at this time -- though I am flattered by your interest.

Thanks again!