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Who is the states attorney in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa?

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Who is the states attorney in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa?

Kirk Adams : Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a Family Law litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.
Kirk Adams : Are you referring to the county prosecutor?
Kirk Adams : If so, here's a link to the Henry County Prosecutor's office, which provides the name of the attorney and contact information:

Yes I was. My son attended the college up there in 1999 and apparently someone has ahd access to his information at the school and has bought a time share in his name with his social security number their address and my phone number


we got a phone call on that this evening.

Kirk Adams : Wow -- that
Kirk Adams : is certainly an unsettling issue.

I hope I'm going to the right person to have something done about it

Kirk Adams : Yes, you are starting in the right place. The county attorney is in charge of prosecuting crimes in the county.
Kirk Adams : Thus, if you get in touch with the attorney or his staff investigator/s, they will assist you in pursuing this matter and filing criminal charges.

well that's what I thought. The man from the resort is suppose to call my son tomorrow and I have told him to get the address that they have on file for this person since it is an Iowa address

Kirk Adams : That's a good start. You should gather any information that you can muster and contact the county attorney's office and ask for assistance in pressing charges against this person for fraud.

I'm hoping they won't hold him legally responsible for the moneys owes on this time share


We can certainly prove he wasn't anywhere in that area at the time

Kirk Adams : IF the debt was obtained by fraud, then he should not be held responsible because he isn't the one who obtained the loan.

the problem is we don't really know who this person is

Kirk Adams : The county attorney's office should be able to investigate the matter and figure that part out.

I hope so


well I certainly thank you for your time in this matter


it definitely helped me out

Kirk Adams : No problem; glad to help. Your best course is to contact the county attorney, discuss the situation and ask for assistance in investigating and eventually filing charges against the person responsible.

ok thank you so much


and you have a great night

Kirk Adams : No problem! You have a great night too.
Kirk Adams : Also, please take time to positively rate our conversation. Thanks again.
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