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if i write under granting sanctions for contempt charges an ask for visits suspended until

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if i write under granting sanctions for contempt charges an ask for visits suspended until problems are taken care of an the judge signs it does that mean the visits are suspended under WA state law or do i still have to provide my child to the visits?
Hello, I am happy to assist you today.

So did the judge sign the letter that you sent in? Or did he or she issue an order?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well i filled out paper work for an Order to show cause re Contempt (ORTSC) and an Motion/Declaration for an order to show cause re contempt, i took it to the judge with the Granting sanctions OTHER area filled out, the judge signed the order to show cause re contempt, and asked me what day i would like so does that mean my request was granted?

It sounds like you have been granted the right to go to court and argue the Order to Show Cause. This means you will have a hearing, which is why he asked you what day you want.

The judge will issue the order through an actual Order. The Order to Show Cause is just you showing the court that you have adequate grounds for an emergency court hearing, which was granted.

You need to pick a court hearing date and go in and argue the motion in front of the judge. You also have to serve that Order upon the other party.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well yes i picked a date and know i need to serve the other party an all but my question is that i had asked under that section that all visits be suspended until the matter can be cleared up in court so again was it granted or not? i filed yesterday but there is a visit scheduled for tomorrow and a holiday visit on the 4th so am i still required to take my child to the visits? even tho there are problems and i asked for them to be suspended until they can be cleared up, i mean i don't even have proof of valid insurance for transportation so i'm still unclear?

No, your request to suspend visits was not granted. All that was granted is that you got the hearing. That's it.

The point of the hearing is for you to ask to suspend the visits. You have to attend until them. They are giving you emergency relief so it is really fast to get a hearing in a few days. That's a good sign for you.

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