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Ive been going through a bitter divorce for 3 years. Lost

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I've been going through a bitter divorce for 3 years. Lost everything I had accumulated the last 40 years in trial Dec 2011. Couldn't figure out why Judge gave ex everything but my car, pension and business. (by my profit/loss calculation worth -94K, using on-line calculator -80K. I was ordered to pay 108K per year in support and alimony when my average earned since college is 82K. In arrears from day one, spent 17 days in jail for contempt and had to offer up my 86K pension to get out. Lost a 90K/year contract while jailed. Couldn't figure out why the court thought I was hiding Assests. My own lawyers never even brought up the fact that my corporate tax returns show the business valued at 308K. Went back to 2004 and compared data sent accountant to what was on returns. Deposits don't match, expenses are unstated 150K. 50K balances on credit lines left off returns 2006 and 2007. 70K in understated 1099 outside labor reported compared to copies of 1099's in my hands, 18K of initial investment by shareholder listed from first year that I never put in company. That stock contribution is now $308451.00 with 100 shares (S-Corp) listed which articles of incorporation say were issued a $10/share. Duh..... Now I see why the court gave her everything and ordered me to pay 560K over the next 5 years which I can't pay. My tax returns were falsified to inflate the value of the company on paper. Its a contract therapy conpany hit hard by reforms and industry fraud. Only grossed 260K last year. Accountant listed it as $271K on first 2012 tax draft but then as $242K when she had to redo it when she learned I transferred stock to parents in Jan 2012 after divorce. Judge enjoined parents to divorce settlement citing "hiding assets" when intent was to get failing company out of my name so they could secure a new credit line for payroll should I have to Chapter 7. Punchline is my accountant is my ex's best friends other best friend. She approached me at my ex's urging in 2004. My investigation of my personal finances showed ex was hiding money and forging checks as far back as 2003. What to do now? Broke and can't afford attorney fees. Advice?
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You need to file Motion for reconsideration with the Court and ask that your payments be reduced citing the reasons for your request, just as you did in your narrative here. If a divorce decree has been issued, then you would file Complaint for reconsideration with the Court citing newly discovered evidence and your ex's perpetration of fraud on the Court. The forms for filing the Motion or the Complaint are available at the Courthouse in the Clerk's Office.

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