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My U.S husband in Kuwait double life

Customer Question

My husband went to work in Kuwait he's a USContractor We were a couple find out after a year and a half he's got a Facebook page with another woman claiming to be married to her and they have a child.'s It's illegal to be living under the same roof in Kuwait if your not married I do not want him put in jail and be deported back here in the US It would not. benifet me he carries my insurance, and I know what happens to those baby's born out of wedlock to a phillipino mother and A U.S. father living in a country governed by their faith. I receive 1200.00 a month (he was hired at 168.000.00 a month) he wants a divorceI don't have a car he's driving a BMW he denied s having an affairHe didn't admit it until the end of last had no choice because I have copies of all the picture of them together on his Facebook page. I know in the state of Texas spousal support depends on the situation.He was in the armyAt the time of the affairHe retiredAnd now contracts for the army.I need help! Im. considered below povertyLevel.And he livesVery comfortably.He's traveledGermany NetherlandsI could go on and on What can I doLegal aid takes foreversI live in TexasI know I need to get a TROAnd also secure my insuranceAnd he also has a truck here in Texas its at friendsDo you have anyAdvice for me
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  ANDREA, replied 4 years ago.

Hello, My name is Andrea and my goal is to provide you with Excellent Service,


I am sorry to hear that your husband has been unfaithful.


What you were told about your husband paying your legal fees is correct. Where the Court finds a discrepancy in the income levels of the spouses, they will award part or all counsel fees to the spouse with the lesser income in order to "level the playing field" and so that the spouse with the income does not have or gain in advantage because he has the greater income.


And you are also correct about the spousal support. If the parties cannot agree on an amount for spousal support, then the Judge will decide by looking at the facts and circumstances of each case. If you have a greater need because of a physical disability, the Judge will certainly take that into account.


As for representation, I am sorry to hear that the Attorneys you have spoken to are insisting on a retainer since they will get counsel fees as soon as they file a "Petition for Interim Counsel Fees". They will file this Petition several times during the divorce proceedings as they itemize their bill for legal services rendered to you. What I can suggest is to call the various County Bar Associations Lawyer Referral Service, tell them what your situation is and ask for the names of Attorneys who are on their Pro Bono Committee. These are Attorneys who volunteer their time to represent individuals who normally could not afford a private Attorney. You can also ask for the names of Attorneys who have agreed to accept installment payments. it does not totally solve the problem, but at least it will get you started and to a point where the Attorney can file his first Petition for Interim Counsel Fees. I wish I could offer more help, but in divorce situations, it is difficult to find Attorneys who will wait for any significant length of time to be paid for their services,


If I have not Answered your question completely, Please let me know by using the "Reply" button and I will be glad to explain further,


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