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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
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Have not filed yet for legal separation yet I have one child

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Have not filed yet for legal separation yet I have one child from the marriage one step child. My stepchild is now 13 he is has filed for legal guardianship asking me to be his guardian we have now spoken to the workers and attorneys. Just found out when we went to do ourI Tax return that he had won the lotto of $100,000 I didn't know how much he had received and I did not received a cent from the lotto money is now gone when we get our taxes we were told we would receive $23,000 out of that money he only gave me $4,000 what has he done with the rest I have no idea. He has three checking accounts three saving accounts RCT I found out there is a Chase checking there is some citibank checking or savings everything has been Hidden from me until now that I just started looking for papers that he left behind. he has left the home as of June 10. I live in the city and County of San Francisco California he has abandoned me our son and my stepson who happens to be his biological son. I am a fullull-time housewife and permanent disability he has left us with no money to be with his 3 1/2 year Affair, who has bought furniture fixed her place & painted take her on tripswith her 3 children. MY QUESTION IS WHAT IS THE FIRST THING I AM DO? I NEED TO FILE FOR CHILD SUPPORT PATERNITY AND THEN THE LEGAL SEPARATION OR DIVORCE WHAT IS CONVENIENT? WHAT DO I DO? Please I need help what to do first?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

There is no one thing to file first as you have quite a few things to file. You would need to immediately file the forms and petitions for divorce, and attach to it a motion for emergency child support and spousal support for your own child. Then, you would also need to go to court and file a motion for guardianship of the step-child (if the other parent is likewise not involved in the raising of this child). Only when that guardianship is granted can you amend your request for child support and seek support for both children, as legally you can currently only collect for one. Also please collect all document,s all forms, EVERYTHING pertaining to finances so as to create a paper trail and then demand an equal portion of the estate once the dissolution is granted.

Hope that helps.

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