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Hi We live in Texas and my wifes 16 year old daughter lives

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Hi We live in Texas and my wifes 16 year old daughter lives with us. The daughter just got a job for the summer at a local hamburger place. She dosen't get of until 1-1:30 am. Her father wants her to drive 30 miles to his house when she gets off work on his weekends. She just got her license and there is alot of country roads she would have to traverse. We don't want her to do that. Her father says it her loans her a car, since we won't allow her to take ours, there is nothing we can do about it Is this true

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

No, that is simply not true. Even if he 'loans' her a vehicle, it does not mean that she has to use the vehicle to travel to him during unsafe times and when she still has limited experience. You as custodial parents can still limit her ability to drive and require her to return home. The other parent would only be permitted to demand to see her during his naturally occurring custodially scheduled periods, and not because he gave her a vehicle to utilize. Since you still owe a duty to ensure that the child is being properly cared for, if you consider such a drive to be unreasonable, you do not have to allow the child to make that drive, car or no car.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So we don't have to let her drive any car at night if we feel it is unsafe, even though it is his weekend to have her. We have no problem with him picking her up but that long drive scares my wife and I


That is correct. You cannot interfere with his ability to pick her up from work, for example, but you do not have to allow her to make a drive that you feel is unsafe or beyond her driving skills or abilities.

Please take care!

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