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We got married in Houston, TX in 2005. I left him in 2009 and returned to Singapore becaus

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We got married in Houston, TX in 2005. I left him in 2009 and returned to Singapore because I was upset and depressed with the entire marriage thus I returned to my country Singapore and re-start my life again. My next question is, I am totally in for the divorce but I like to have it done on my next trip back to Houston which is about 6-8 months from now, my husband said , he can't wait and made such mean move on me. What should I do?

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I understand the difficult situation. So that I can properly provide you with information, please tell me:
1. Do you and your husband share any property or accounts?
2. Are any items of the divorce of dispute other than the timing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, we did share bank accounts, vehicles and so on but we had all these put to closure without dispute. In fact, I told him I am not interested in claiming anything from him at all, likewise he cannot claim anything from me in Singapore. He agreed and he sent me a settlement agreement through email. I did not sign it because the agreement does not look like it has been legally drafted at his end, more over I don't have an American legal counsel to vet through and make sure that the settlement is genuinely written.


The issue I am having now, is that the settlement agreement was not drafted properly and some of the facts written, I require some legal assurance before signing it but he does not want to give me my legal rights to discuss with a legal counsel on my next trip back to Houston, he insist me to have it sign on it ASAP which is unfair at my end.

Thank you for your reply Jocelyn

You are not required to sign the settlement agreement.

If you do not sign the settlement agreement, your husband will be required to file a petition with the court requesting the dissolution of marriage. When you receive service of the petition, you can file a response requesting the court award you an extension to retain counsel.

I would be glad to respond to any follow-up questions that you may have.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can this be done without going through court? Do you have any suggestions? We have no dispute to any claims, besides I have no intention to see him in court for such matter, please advise.

Only a court can order the dissolution of marriage. You can agree to the terms beforehand in the settlement agreement. But even with a settlement agreement, a court order is required

Have I answered your question completely Jocelyn or can I further assist you?