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I am an American Citizen married to a Romanian woman 7 years

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I am an American Citizen married to a Romanian woman 7 years now. We have a 7 year old Son together. My wife never achieved her Green Card status as she never had interest in being in the USA. I live and work in Oman, and have the entire time we are married (living abroad). My son was born in romania, but has a US Passport.

We are now in a divorce and i am trying to negotiate a fair child support payment for my son. I do want to care for him. However, my soon to be ex-wife is asking 25% of my salary (the maximum allowable support by romainan law for a single child). This is a substantial amount, more than most family incomes for sure. This would make my son live a very XXXXX XXXXXfe, but also allow my soon to be exwife the ability to never work and care for her second son (not mine, previous marriage). SHe is also asking 100% of the house that we built in romania. That is about 130,000 EURO. According to her, i can only get 25% of that value back. So she gets 75% because 50% is hers, and 25% is my son and 25% is mine. The question is......if we can not agree to a child support, it will go to romanian court. Can she ask legally my salary from my company in Oman or the USA and if the court awards 25% of that salary is this up held in the USA and if i dont pay this what legal implecations do i face in the USA? I understand that romania law for marriage, etc is not recognized in the USA. But i dont want any future problems. Am i resposnible for the Romanian Court Awarded Child Support as an american Citizen?
She has aready filed for divorce and child custody in Romania, is that correct?

Do you have an attorney there?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, she has filed. Until now we have been negotiating. The divorce date is actually on the 12th (tomorrow) for either of us to accept or not accept the divorce. The Child Support is to follow as i understand, after this court date tomorrow. The hearing for tomorrow is solely for decision on the divorce. it is the first hearing. I will not be in attendance because i do not object to the divorce.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, i do not have an attorney there. As it is as i understand it, romanian law and the first court date was only for objection to the divorce.

The Hague Convention of 23 November 2007 on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance usually controls the recognition of support orders by foreign courts.

Oman is not a party to that agreement, nor is Romania, see

So my opinion is that it would be difficult for her to enforce a support judgment outside Romania. The other Hague Convention on foreign judgments does not apply to family law judgments, so she would have to try to get a U.S. State court where you reside to recognize the foreign judgment in order to enforce it in the U.S.

You can find child support attorneys in Romania listed by location at

The U.S. Embassy there also provides a list of attorneys, posted at

You may have an objection based on jurisdiction but I do not have all the facts. The Court may be able to order mediation of some issues but you need an attorney in Romania to assist you.

I hope this information is helpful.
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