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My wife and I have been seperated for about 8 months and will

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My wife and I have been seperated for about 8 months and will soon be divorced. The divorce is my wife's idea, not mine. One of the sticking points of our pending divorce agreement is the engagement ring that I gave to my wife before our marriage. My feeling is that the ring represents the love I have for her and if she chooses not to accept it then she should return the ring to me. My wife feels that since we were married for 18 years she 'earned' the right to keep it and refuses to return it. Her intention is to give the ring to the first of my 2 sons that decides to get married so they won't have to buy a ring themselves.
Back in 1995, I made great sacrifices to buy the ring that cost over $5,000.. If my wife gets remarried her boyfriend will most likely present her with another ring. If I'm to remarry why should I bear the expense of having to buy another ring? I was a great husband and this just does not seem fair to me.
My question of this forum is: What legal rights do I have? If I need to sue my wife to get the ring back I will...
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Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I can to answer your questions!

You have the option to go to court and have the court divide the assets. You can present your reasons to the court why you should receive the ring.

The law in New Hampshire favors an equal division of all assets owned by both spouses. What this means is that if you go to court and let a judge decide, the judge will presume that all assets should be divided 50:50. The ring is included in the property to be divided 50:50. The court will consider reasons why the property should not be divided equally.

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