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My daughter has a 6 year old son. The father took her to court

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My daughter has a 6 year old son. The father took her to court to get custody whe he was 3. The father drug the poceedings out with one ailment or excuse after another for an entire year. It finally went to court and we walked away feeling that she was going to get custody. The lawyer felt tha everything was pointing that way and the father was looking upset as he also thought he had lost. The judge said he would review the information and then we would get the official document stating his decision. In the meantime he gave the most time to my daughter for the interim. It took forever, like 6 months to get the final document. The father said he had new info to present and asked for it to be postponed. We

got it right before Christmas 2 years ago. it said that the father was to get full custody. the lawyer was shocked and wanted to go right back to fight it but we were all out of money and we told that they don't want to change anything right away anyway. The only reason stated in the document was that my daughter seemed to villi anise men after she had been with them for awhile and that she should probably see someone about that . A couple ow weeks ago my grandson asked my daughter if she paid money to get him. She explained about the lawyer etc. he said he wished she had paid the judge like daddy did so he could live with her. He was listening to his dad telling his girlfriend how he got him. Apparently he didn't know he was listening to the conversation. He said daddy paid the judge a lot of money to get him. He asked if his mom could do the same. My daughter has no history of alcohol or drug abuse. She is a high school graduate with some college. He is the last of 4 children. The 1st 3 were from a previous marriage. She decided to have one more for this man as he had no children. She has always been considered to be an excellent mother and chose to stay at home to raise her children herself. She was home running a licensed daycare when dad got h
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If the Judge was bought, then your daughter needs to file complaint against the Judge with Judicial Conduct Commission. The Judge supposed to make a decision based on what is in the best interest of the child and not because he was bought off by one of the litigants. This is a very serious charge. If the Judge was indeed paid off, the Judge could be removed from the bench. You can click on the link below to learn about the complaint process


In the meantime, your daughter needs to file Complaint for Modification of Custody and request that Court give her full Custody. She needs to state her reasons for her request just as you did in your narrative here. If the Court assigns her to the same Judge, she should file a Motion to Recuse the Judge due to bias. The forms for filing the Complaint and the Motion are available at the Courthouse in the Clerk's Office.

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