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Meigs, Family Law Attorney
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I was divorced in 2009... My alimony is to get 30% percent

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I was divorced in 2009... My alimony is to get 30% percent of commissions my x used to make monthly. He is in sales in the medical industry. Since last year commissions have been small or non-existent. I'm hurting financially financially very bad. We were married for 33 yrs

meigs004 :

Hello, I am sorry to hear about your situation. I have read your post, but what can I help you with? Are you wondering how to get a different or more definite amount of spousal support?

Customer: Most defiantly ..he has just built a brand new home with his girlfriend and I'm basically homeless.... I need to renegotiate my spousal support....especially after 33 hrs of marraige
meigs004 :

I understand. In order to seek a modification or a recalculation of permanent spousal support you will have to file a petition to modify the spousal support order. Generally, if there was an average that he could make from his commissions at the 30 percent, then you can petition the court to recalculate and reorder the payment of spousal support in that amount. Considering he has purchased and built a new house, and has apparently found a way to usurp the spousal support order by either making money elsewhere, or intentionally not selling as much so as to cause you financial hardship, you can put that in your petition, but you will need proof of it.

Customer: How do I get proof
meigs004 :

Well, you can get proof that he built the home, and that he makes money elsewhere, by filing what is known as discovery requests after you file the petition to modify the spousal support. Discovery requests are mean to gather that type of information.

Customer: How do I get info on discovery requests
meigs004 :

After you file for a modification, you would file a discovery requests which usually come in the form of asking interrogatories (i.e. questions), and request for production of documents (which is a request seeking documentation of his income).

Customer: This sounds very difficult.... Tell me where to start, I have no extra money to spend on lawyers...the divorce alone cat me mucho bucks....and I feel like I've been screwed
meigs004 :

I understand. The first step is to file the petition which will probably have to be drafted. You can consult your county clerk's office to see if they have a standard form with which you can file for the modification of the order. If they do not you will have to go to your local law library, or find a template online, and simply draft the document and file it with your county clerk to "start" the action.

meigs004 :

After you start the action, you can then seek to draft the questions, and requests for production of documents, and serve on him so that you can ascertain what and where his money has gone.

Customer: Thnkyou
meigs004 :

You are very welcome, do you have any other questions?

meigs004 :

If not, please provide a positive rating by selecting the smiley face and submitting.

Customer: I have many but too tired.....I just want to be financially comfortable so I can at least have my own place..I think iI at the least I deserve this.
meigs004 :

I certainly understand, and your judicial relief can be found in the steps I gave you, I wish you the best of luck!

meigs004 :

If you have no other questions, please do not forget to provide a positive rating.

Customer: Thanks
meigs004 :

Thank you. Have a great rest of your evening.

Customer: U as well
meigs004 :


meigs004 :

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