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George and I have been together 13 years this Oct 2013. We

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George and I have been together 13 years this Oct 2013. We were supposed
to be married as soon as his divorce was final in Jan 2001. he bought me a
2 carat diamond engagement ring in about March of 2001, but wouldn't set
a date. George and his Dad owned their own company Bliss Honda Engine
Distributing Co, they have been in business for over 50 years in Sacramento.
George has always been controlling, at first it wasn't a big deal but as he
gets older he gets more forgetful. Once he took a wrong off ramp on our way
to Dinner, somehow it was all my fault I should have been paying attention.
We did not go to dinner we went home and he went to bed without any
supper. George can be very generous at times, lately to everyone but me.
We have three houses, Sacramento, Brookings, Ore and St George, Utah.
These homes are in just his name, I have ask him to add my name and
he has lots of excuses, anger, yelling at me usually works, I leave and
go for a walk or something. He embarrasses me in restaurants with
friends there. It's awkward to say the least. this last year I've four
surgeries. He doesn't give me time to feel better in lest than a week
we are driving to St George from Sacramento in 11 hours. I ended up
in the hospital, thot I was having an Asthma attack, it turned out to be
two blood clots in my lungs. That was really a wake up call for me. I come
home giving myself injections, George is always pushing, we have to get
up at 6am! My son has had some problems and George was aware of the
situation from the very beginning! Now he has decided after meeting my
son and talking for maybe 3 hours or less he can't stand my son and I have
to make a choice George or Don, my son. When George is ranting about
his faults he uses foul language, I informed him Don had a name and he
should use it. Now it's a big issue, and he doesn't even really know Don.
My first son died at age five and I will not make a choice like that.
Kinda like when I tossed him out for two weeks early in relationship, I
got myself a baby Pom, she is so cute, but again George said I had to
choose between him and my puppy. I was at his office, I told him fine
I was going home with my puppy. Now he just loves her and misses her
more than he does me, I think. It is never peaceful in our home, I feel
like I'm walking on eggs! If we go somewhere he can't be late, but some
times traffic as a life of its own, makes him really angry. George has called
several times asking me to return to Brookings. I just can't anymore, it
has been so pleasant to be alone, sure I miss him but his first wife(we are
Friends) said one day you'll just have had enough! She is right, and a very
nice lady, we join all the family for the Holidays and it can be fun if nothing
goes wrong for George - if he gets angry and leaves, his family is used
to the way he acts. George wont let me hire a house cleaner, he says our
houses are small, Brookings is the biggest with 1300 sq ft. But I clean
four kitchen, eight bathrooms and lots of bedrooms, that's a lot to me!
George said if I took him to court he would bring all his paperwork
showing how he has spent a fortune on me. My income is $2200
a month. George writes checks to charities for more than my income
but he has decided after 13 years I should start helping pay the bills.
At Christmas he gives his three kids
$10,000 each, this year he told me I didn't get a check no reason just being
mean. He has also taken me out of his will/trust, I can live in one of the
homes, but when I die it goes back to his trust. Before that I was to get
all our homes and cars and the 2012 Foretravel RV. , plus five hundred thousand. now his cpa will give me money if he deems it necessary.
His attorney told him that I would be very upset when he told me this.
I believe it just proves that I need to remove myself from the situation.
He said he would sign of the mobile home in Sacramento to me and maybe he
would consider making a few of the space rent payments. I just feel like
he owes me more, he would have to pay a housekeeper. I do Love George
but he never she affection toward me, says he doesn't like to be touched.
I know about the palimony thing that Marvin won. I am just to old (71))
to continue in our relationship, George will never change he does not feel
he needs too, I should just adjust and accept him as he is.
would I be able to get alimony or just a cash amount? Is there an attorney
in Sacramento that handles this type of "Divorce"
thanks, Sharon
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

I am afraid you are being abused mentally by this individual. He is treating you this way because you allow it and you stick around. I am afraid that as you are not married nor in any registered partnership, your case becomes a bit difficult if none of the property was put in your name.

Under Marvin v. Marvin in CA, the CA courts held that where a couple has lived together and one party has promised a lifetime of care and support to the other, that the party can be liable to pay support to that other party upon the dissolution of that relationship. The issue is that as you were told, these cases can be expensive to pursue, so you will have to get some money together at least to pay the attorney their retainer to get the case started.

People like George, when you leave him, will come back crying and swearing how much he loves you, but they are mean and incapable of loving anyone but themselves and if you return he will continue to abuse you as he has been doing.

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