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I am a Military Spouse and have been married for over 32 years.

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I am a Military Spouse and have been married for over 32 years. My Spouse has served over 24 years active service She Enlisted five years after I got out of the Military I have recently filed for Legal Separation in California where we both resided until recently I have moved from California to Las Vegas. Do I have a legal right to alimony during the separation period.
What is your current monthly income and from what sources and the same for your spouse? What is the monthly livings expenses each of you have since separating and what are your ages?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am currently unemployed I am a licensed Insurance agent and have an appointment with Aflac but because i moved to Las Vegas because it would had mot been affordable for me to stay in San Diego as my Book of business is virtually non existent. My Spouse is in military and is paid around 70 k per year including entitlements and special pay for travel my Monthly living expenses are Approximately $2000.00 and as far as I know her expenses are around $4500.00 monthly I am 54 she is 53

Ok, that is good information. Spouse has about $1300 monthly income above expenses. You have no income. It would be reasonable for you to receive some where between $1300 and $650 ( 1/2 of $1300 ) as temporary alimony. You would have to show that your net loss ( income minus expenses) is less in Las Vegas than SD.
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