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I recently had my son over for this past weekend. I had him

Customer Question

I recently had my son over for this past weekend. I had him and extra day on acct it was a holiday weekend.. Sunday evening my Almost 8 yr old whom resides with his Grandmother and Step-Grandfather, My 2 year old and 7 yr old were playing in the room... pillow fights..catch with bath husband had went in the room to check on them as they were getting rather loud...he saw how much fun they were having and decided to join in. well my husband tossed a lil boat squishy bath toy and said Devin think fast (devin is my 7 year old) his reflex was not up to par so it caught him on his eyebrow bone. we instantly got an icepack. (it was the size of a nickle, a lil goose egg) i did what a mother should do. Nurse him up and give him love.. i said mommy is sorry that happen.. he said it's ok. we were playing derrick didn't mean to. it was an accident mommy. so we went on about the day. back to monday. I notified his step-grandfather of the accident. as well as my husband did when him and my father n law droppd him off. I stayed behind to do homework as I am a college student. when They arrived at my sons home my husband then again explained the situation, in which my sons Step-grandfather said. "oh boys will be boys" and that was that. he said nothing more.. almost three days later at about 10pm they called the police dept and reported me for child abuse. these are people whom have tried in everyway to knock me down so i have no chances of getting my son back (they have only Temp Cust) I've been called every name under the sun by these people. My son has came to my house to tell me that grandma and grandpa don't like me. n things of that sort. I find that very disturbing. They forced my sons father to sleep in a tent in the yard in dead of winter, like a dog, and conviced my child that it was acceptable behavior. Each time i come up in life. As I try so hard. they do what they can to bring me down.. And now they have sunk as low as false claims. Which I HOPE would be illegal. They have mentally abused and manipulated me to the point of me having medical issues solely related to stress. I was in the hospital, and even the police that questioned my son, as well as my husband stated, seems like they are just trying to get him taken from you in anyway possible.. now I have CPS hounding me. and I also have saved messages from FB from Devin's father, that are completely out there. I have them saved!. Please let me know what I can do! I'm desperate. And have the intent on suing for false accusations, mental and emotional abuse toward myself, both my children and my entire family. it's like the dominio effect. it does not just affect one person. But these people do not get that please help Christina, WA


wasn't sure If I had mentioned that they waited over two days to call and report anything. I as  A mother, thought that my child was being abused, i would of acted IMMEDIATELY. NO 2-3 Days later!

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Seattle Scott replied 4 years ago.
I assume the grand mother is not your mother, but the father's mother. I am sorry she is making it her life's work to cause you grief.

Anyway, just cooperate with CPS. The grand parents don't have any information other than the child came back from your house with a bump. They can't make any allegations other than that because they didn't see it happen. Are they saying anything more than the child came back with a bump?

Where is the child's father in the scheme of things?