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Attorney DROD
Attorney DROD, Family Law Attorney
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience in Family Law. Divorce, Child Support, Protective Orders, Enforcement of Orders, Child Protective Service, Power of Attorney, Custody/custody modification and more.
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Hello, 2 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 end stage liver

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Hello, 2 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 end stage liver fibrosis/cirrioshis; there was no warnings, never had a drink etc. My husband of 43 yrs would tell me I'm not dying fast enough (as he wanted my life insurance).
The current problem is my 37 yr old son and his family moved into our other house as due to medical reasons he had to let his be forclosed. Entire family has turned back on me and last resort I rented a room in my own home, from my son. He promised to be caregiver, but now is neglecting me and today screamed for me to get out of his house.
Husband and I have disagreed ...I don't want son to have the home when he would kick his dying Mom out. He made a lot of repairs, some I didn't want but his Dad let him. Now he is threatening to burn our house down if I won't leave.
I will not move again, deed in husband and my name. No legal papers regarding son. My sons real issue is he has turned to swinger lifestyle and brings girls he met on net to live with his wife and him, and 2 sons. I do not feel comfortable with a stranger living in this house.
How can I stop my husband from signing/forging the deed? How do I get my son out of my home? We have 2 homes and I feel one is rightfully mine and could be used to pay for an assisted living home.
Carole Reynolds XXX-XXX-XXXX after 2pm to call or email or text.

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. I am very sorry to hear of your grave condition. I have heard of many cases such as yours where this disease strikes individuals who do not drink.


It is unfortunate that you must go through this situation with your family at this time and will offer you some information which may be of assistance. First, I would like to say while Just Answer is an excellent place for you to begin the thoughtful process of exploring your option to attempt to resolve this situation, you should consult with an attorney in your area who can meet with you face to fact and offer you legal advice for your situation.


I feel the most important answer I have for you is one that would end my answer, but I am going to provide it to you first. You should consider immediately contacting the Oklahoma Department of Human Services/Adult Protective Services. Here is a link with their information and phone number:


Adult Protective Services (APS) exists to assist individuals such as yourself who are elderly and or disables and or gravely ill. It is like Child Protective Services, but for adults in need of care who are being abused or exploited. You can reach them at their 800 number 24 hours a day seven days a week. They will investigate your case and in many instances refer those they seek to protect to the proper agencies in their area that will help them resolve their problems.


I am going to post this for you to read but it is not the end of my answer. After I post this for you I will complete the my answer.


As for your question "How can I stop my husband from signing/forging the deed?", the easiest answer may be to call APS, do a self referral by providing them with the information you just shared, asking them to open an investigation and requesting they speak with/interview your husband and son regarding the living situation and your medical needs. It may just be that if your husband knows authorities are aware of the situation he will refrain from illegally transferring the property. Other than this, you might consult an attorney in your area to speak to him, again, so he knows you are making others aware of the situation. If it comes to the point it is necessary, a local attorney may be able to file a legal injunction against him to prohibit him from transferring the property. Also, I am aware this is something you may not want to do at this point in your life, but another option is to retain an attorney to file a divorce action. Advise the attorney you would like temporary orders and in those orders have the Court freeze the transfer of all marital assets. Unfortunately, there is a saying that states, "the rules of our laws are intended for law abiding citizens". At times there is no way to stop a person from doing something if they are determined to do it. However, you should make every attempt to protect your assets. What your family is doing to you is abusive and many times, the only way to stop abuse is to expose it.


In answer to your next two questions, " How do I get my son out of my home? We have 2 homes and I feel one is rightfully mine and could be used to pay for an assisted living home." Getting a relative, who is not a tenant out of one's home can be quite difficult. In your situation, it is complicated by the fact your share ownership of this home with your husband whose position is opposite yours (he says your son can stay). However, there are legal remedies which may be of assistance to you but will require an attorney in your area to at least advise you. One option is something called a Forcible Entry and Detainer Suit, it may be called various things from state to state but the botXXXXX XXXXXne is to file an action with the proper court in your area to legally have your son removed from your property since he refuses to vacate at your request. If a person is successful with such a suit the local Court should ensure the unwanted person vacates the property even if it gets to the point that local law enforcement must escort your son off the property.


If you have not already done so, you should contact an estate planning attorney who can inform you if any options are available as far as placing your property into a trust so that funds will be available to you in the event you need them to go into an assisted living facility at some point in the future. This suggestion is secondary to your immediate problem of securing a safe and comfortable place for you to live right now.


I hope this information answers your questions. If you have any follow up questions after reading this, please post them and I will answer for you. I check in periodically each day and I am also notified by email if someone posts follow up questions. FYI, Just Answer will block and "x" out any personal information you provide such as a phone number or email. This is the only way for an expert on Just Answer to get a hold of you.


If I have answered your questions to your satisfaction, I would appreciate a review from you and a rating of a 3, 4 or 5 so that I will be given credit for my answer and receive payment. If you do not give me a rating of a 3, 4 or 5, I receive no credit and no payment at all.


I am going to schedule a follow up with you for 48 hours from now to give you time to review my answer and think of any follow up questions you may have for me.


I am so sorry you are having to go through so much Carole. APS can help you and provide you with numerous referrals and I can't stress enough how valuable their assistance can be.


Best wishes to you, Attorney DROD

Attorney DROD and 4 other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi and thank you for the best response I've receivd on here. Unfortunately we have zero $$, my life insurance can't be cashed and the houses are upside down. I know absolutely no one who will do pro bono workl.

My son and wife stayed out all night again. He keeps ordering me out of my hjouse and. even told his 17 yr old son not to feed me, I could fix my own.

Well I qualify for hospicee and Home Health and some days Im good and others I can't drive.. Yesterday I was very dizzy,, and I'm a fall risk and any fall could kill me. His son refused to fix a quick meal for me, not even a drink from kitchen.(for over 30 hours!) and I didn't feel safe to even open a can.

Been looking at the APS SITE...didn't have that info. I'm not holding my breath but my husband is going to sell this house an mayve I can go into a faciilityl

If I divorce him I looIse my FBC/BS health insurance and am left with only

Medicare, and I don't have time to play the court game.

I like to play slot machines, just penny ones and my son screamed at me if I could play at a casino for 12 hour I wasnt too bad offl Of course I'm sitting down an even play my Andoid.... He has also blocked me from his phone so if an emergency I can't reach him..

Carole Reynolds (cell coded to alphabet. DGI AGFHOCC

I believe APS will provide you with all the assistance you need. If they determine you are in need of services at a legal level the APS attorney, who is the attorney for the state, will step in and assist you. When you contact APS ask for a referral to your local legal aid office. They may be able to help you in many ways as well. Also Catholic Charities (you do not need to be Catholic to qualify for their services) has counselors and some states have attorney staff to assist those in your situation. This is a nonprofit organization and their legal department assists many of the individuals Legal Aid is unable to help due to the high demand for legal aid services. Here is a link to your local catholic charities organization:


I hope APS is able to help you. I know they have the services available and all you are telling me you should tell them, about refusal to prepare meal for you or provide you with drinks. This is abuse.


Take care and good luck.


Attorney DROD and 4 other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you
Hello Carole, This is the follow up I scheduled to check in with you and see if you have any questions regarding the answer I provided to your questions.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Attorney DROD