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I was married 27 years till 2010 , in feb 2011 the seperation

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I was married 27 years till 2010 , in feb 2011 the seperation agreement was signed I have custody of the kids and in may Claudia name was removed from the deed as per the agreement. She was allowed be me to stay in house untill she got a job and got on her feet with money in the bank.... she never paid bills or rent. Dec 24 2012 the divorce arrived and on the 28 she left and her 200 boxes were labled and stacked into the basement and living room .. she was gone anout a month and ask to come home to make it work, she never unpacked and after 3 minths she dearted while I was at work... she been gone about one month......I have mo adress and I dont desire to go to her work for fear of being a stocker. ?.....

Ok what r my options what do I do, whos stuff is it now. Please be clear as to my legal option good and bad

Dear JACUSTOMER - If your divorce was final then having sex is not going to undo the divorce and whatever you did before that is a moot point at this stage. As far as her personal property, you have no duty to store it forever and my suggestion is to send her another email and tell her that if she doesn't pick up her property within the next 30 days you will dispose of it as you see fit. Unless there is something in the divorce decree that requires you to keep her property you simply have no duty to do so. Once a divorce is final and the property has been divided then neither party has any duty to the other to keep property or to do anything not included in the language of the divorce decree.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank u for ur answer... so after 30 days I would not legality get in trouble or becouse of her leaving she then did not abandon her stuff .???? I have been move than fair I feel but do not desire any legal fight if I move it out or that the salvation army picked it up.
I don't believe you are liable now but I always recommend that you give anyone 30 days notice to get their things so as a matter of courtesy I would give her 30 days.
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