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I been sued by my daughter who at the present moment she is

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I been sued by my daughter who at the present moment she is been diagnose with schizophrenia and psychosis she mail me the legal papers to my church not register just, regular mail on may 04 giving me one week to answer in order for me to obtain medical records and others important papers will take time need to ask 30 days to resolve tis matter looking to ask the court to dismiss this case the plaintiff is incompetent how to I need to answer this court day tomorrow 2pm at Alhambra court L.A. county CA, case # XXXXX
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Are you saying you have never received anything from the court and that the paperwork was sent directly by your daughter?
What is the basis of the suit?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
yes my daughter just mail me the papers
the was renting a room in hacienda heights ,CA she did has an episode which end up in Aurora mental facility for more the 18 days, after that was recommended that she need to be supervise 24-7 very aggressive personality when she doesn't take her meds so she is complaining that she never got her personal items back which is not true her caregiver and me also the owner of the house where she was renting was witness that everything was taking back where she was place at REHAB CENTER El Monte CA so now complaining that she never got her stuff back suing me for $33,285 which I did pay for all her stuff bed clothes TV dresser etc. microwave not only this she is been harassing me over the phone24-7 I am not answering not to provoke more hate I work for Immigration Legal services just filling INS forms which she also is suing so this is vey confusing taking to much time let me know my next step
Dear JACUSTOMER - Unless the paperwork came from the court this would not be proper service of a lawsuit. You need to contact the court to see if they show you have ever been served legally. If you have you can appear in court and ask the court to dismiss the case based on the mental status of your daughter or you can file an answer with the court denying the facts. I am not permitted to prepare legal documents from this website but in order to prepare an answer you can use the case heading of the suit and simply state that you deny the allegations in the complaint. You would sign it and file it with the clerk of courts and send a copy to your daughter. You need to first contact the court to see if they have any record of you being served with the complaint and whether there is really a hearing set. I have also included the CA Self Help website which contains forms and instructions for various legal cases.
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