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My lover wants money from me. we met internet 9 months before

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My lover wants money from me. we met internet 9 months before but still i dint see him coz he doe snot come on skyoe or anything he says he stays in Malyshia for his contract. but he is American. we send email everyday. I send him cell phone first he asked for that after he asked money before 3 months I sent him 200 $. Now he asken 1000/2000 $ from me What do i do?
Dear JACUSTOMER - I am really sorry to hear of this situation. I have to tell you that this is a very common internet scam and it is very likely that this person does not really exist. You should never send money to someone you have never met in person or who you have never verified through independent sources. I would stop all communication at this time and I would contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center and report this. There are people all over the world who use these schemes to get money and once they have the money they simply disappear. If this person is real and loves you then my suggestion is to tell him that he needs to come to see you in person at his own expense. I'm quite certain you will never hear from him again once you refuse to sen any more money. If he is for real then he can prove it by coming to see you. Here is the website for the Internet Crime Complaint Center:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks I am satisfied for your advise. If I want more suggestion and if he comes infront of me in real then I can contact with you. and how I solved the problem hope you wil help me. Thanks again Sharmina.

You can contact me on this thread whenever you like. You do not need to open a new question and this thread can remain open even after you accept my answer. I'm not on line 24/7 so please be patient and I will respond. Thanks for using our service.
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