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i was just wonderign what age does child support stop in washington,

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i was just wonderign what age does child support stop in washington, as my son lives in oregon, but it is based on where the support order was finled. it was filed in washington.
Thank you for your question.

Generally a child support order in Washington State will end when the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school, whichever is the latter of the two. Now, a court can deviate from that (for example, they can order that a child must be supported so long as they are a full-time college student, though that is rare), so it is a good idea to review your support order to see what is says.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well sir thank you for answering my question. also i would like to know if i need to have proof that he is no longer in school and has not graduated. I do have the facebook poste of his that says basically that "this probation is pissing him off." Excuse the terminology that he obviously portrays

Just so I'm clear, he's not yet 18, but he has withdrawn from high school?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

as far as i have been made aware, he is supposed to live with his mother, but instead stays with the grandparents who will not let me speak to him when i call or they say he isn't there. I don't know if you watch fox news channel 12 but he was one of the oregon kids throwing rocks from killingsworth bridge back in nov of last year at 1am when he was arrested for it, on a school night. he will be 18 on Aug 7 this year.

Unfortunately, even though he is not in high school, he is legally still a minor. Therefore, until he turns 18, you have an obligation to support him (unless your court order says something differently, such as if he drops out, the obligation stops). The fact that he is on probation also makes no difference.

One exception to this - if he were to become emancipated - for example, get married, or move out on his own, get a job and become self supporting between now and his 18th birthday, then you could petition the court to stop support payments on the grounds he had become emancipated. Otherwise, the obligation does continue until he is 18.
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