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My x-girlfriend and I have 4 children never been to court for

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My x-girlfriend and I have 4 children never been to court for custody. My kids want to come live with me full time and she refuses. She is being evicted from her house.Does not work lives off the state and child support. How can I get custody of my kids fast and easy being I don't have a lot of money for legal fees? Thanks xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question.

I am sorry about your difficult situation.

Unfortunately, there is hardly ever an option to obtain custody for children in a "fast and easy" way, when the other biological parent is contesting such custody arrangement.

The only way for you to obtain legal custody of your minor children is to file Petition to Establish Custody / Visitation in the local family court and the judge will review your petition and will hold a hearing to establish legal custody / visitation for your minor children, based on the best interest of the children and not necessary based on the children's wishes.

This is a complex legal process when it comes to child custody battles and you would want to either hire a local child custody law attorney or if you cannot afford a private attorney, then you can contact your nearest legal aid society and apply for free or low cost legal services.

I wish you and your children all the best!
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