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If Mother violates the court custody order by moving 6x without

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If Mother violates the court custody order by moving 6x without notifying the court in less than 2 yrs, is each account a separate contempt of court or just one contempt? She was to notify the dad in 24 hrs, the court in 7 days. She's never notified the court. Said she didn't think she had to*more mama lies! She barely told the dad.
DearCustomer- A motion for contempt could have been filed every time she moved however if no motion has ever been filed then one motion can be filed and simply list the number of times she has moved and claim an overall contempt of the custody order. The court can obviously see what has happened and should make one finding of contempt for the overall situation. Had motions been filed after every move then there would be 6 separate findings of contempt. In any event, it is obvious that she has defied the court order on many occasions so the effect will be the same as if there were six motions.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. The mom also moved out of state before this court order went into effect and hid the baby boy 14 months. In light of all that and now her contempt *s plus changed pediatricians without the dads consent, didn't inform dad who was watching his son either. How does a judge look at a mom like this ? She also turned son's family into DCF as a last resort to keep the child from grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins claiming molestation. Yet was never brought up in court the year before by the mom. DCF dismissed obviously knowing Mom invented stories. Son's fam tried to bring charges of false police report allegations, was filed but Mom wasn't punished. How does a judge look at a mom who uses precious resources for her own purposes? Thank you.

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