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i have a pending paternity case in west palm beach florida.

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i have a pending paternity case in west palm beach florida. I also have a pending child support case through dept of revenue. I have had unofficial custody of my daughter thurs through mondays. the mother lied to dor and said she has our daughter all the time. i wanted to know how i can get D.O.R to drop the case if im seeking judge to decide on child support in conjunction with paternity case and not based on dor child support guidelines?
Do your pleadings or petition in the court case specifically request that the court determine the child support obligation? If so, usually mailing a copy of the court pleading containing the support request is enough to get a state child support agency to suspend action pending the support order from the court.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you know if the florida support agency will work this way too? i see your name says seattle are you a seattle attorney only? the present attorney I have said i was stuck in system and case couldn't be dropped that is why im on here because i don't believe my current attorney is being truthful and is only trying to charge me extra for actions that are not necessary.

I am a Washington state licensed attorney, but all states have pretty much the same child support system, with support either determined by a judge or by the support agency, in your case DOR. The last paternity case I handled, the client/mom just had the state agency determine support so she didn't have to pay me to deal with it in court. It will be cheaper for you in terms of legal fees to have DOR determine support, unless DOR is not allowed to grant you a discretionary residential credit whereas the judge has this authority.
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