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I have been divorce for nearly three years. I have been to

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I have been divorce for nearly three years. I have been to pay $900 month in alimony. At the time I was employed earn 90,000 +. I retired last June but on two contract for 75,000. At the end of June my income will be reduced by 50,000.00. My ex-wife will be graduating for College in June. She is employed. I want to stop paying alimony. The Divorce is in Beaver County, PA. I will only have$ 25,000 income of guarantee income if my contract is renewed. I am also a consultant but have no guarantee income past June 31. I presently live in Maryland. Can Legal Zoom help.
Dear JACUSTOMER - This website is not related to Legal Zoom so I have no way of telling you if they can assist. We do not represent clients from this website as we are here to answer general questions. If you paid a lawyer and the lawyer did absolutely nothing then you need to file a written complaint with both the MD and PA Bar Associations for attorney neglect. I have provided the websites below for your convenience. What needs to be done is you need to file a motion to amend the alimony amount to reflect the change in your financial circumstances. This should have been a rather routine filing for the lawyer and the amount you paid was certainly sufficient to cover the filing of such a motion. You should be able to obtain a refund of your retainer if no work was performed and hire another PA attorney since that is where the motion must be filed. Until you get a motion filed there is no way to get your alimony changed so it is important that you find an attorney willing to take your case. Here are the websites for the MD and PA Bar Associations.
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