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I moved from Colorado to Texas with my Child. My parenting

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I moved from Colorado to Texas with my Child. My parenting agreement was filed in Colorado. Now that we are Texas residents I want to know what the State of Colorado can do to us if I do not abide by our agreement. I am trying to follow the agreement, but the Father in Colorado is making it impossible.. giving me less than a week's notice of when he wants me to send our son for a visit and expects me to pay the airline costs ( I only ask for 2-4 weeks notice for ticketing) then he sends nasty emails about what a horrible person I am and when he talks to our 6-year old.. he tells him that I am the reason he hasn't seen him. I just need to know is following the Colorado agreement best-effort? If he doesn't give me notice or respond when I ask to plan visits.. can I be held responsible in Colorado if the visits are not made?
How long have you and the child been residing in Texas? Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We moved here in July of 2012.. so 9 months

Thank you for the additional information, most helpful.


As you and the child have been in Texas for nine months, you have established legal residence in that state. Pursuant to federal legislation, any legal action regarding the custody of the minor child should occur in the state in which the child resides. With this in mind, you might consider transferring the action to your state.


If this is something that interests you, this would mean that the legal action would take place in Texas, in the courthouse near to you. This, of course, means that the litigation would be convenient for you and inconvenient for the father, potentially discouraging him from pursuing anything.


However, to answer your question, if the action remains in Colorado, then it would be prudent to abide by the agreement as best as you can. If you do not, my suspicion is that the father would file motions for contempt and/or enforcement regarding these issues. If he does, then you would need to go to Colorado to address his motions.

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