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Sir,my wife filed for divorce in Chicago in Jan 2013,i am in

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Sir,my wife filed for divorce in Chicago in Jan 2013,i am in india trying to go to chicago in June,as my wife use to swore that she will put me in criminal case with the help of my daughters,is it possible,please guide me. George

LADY LAWYER : Hello George,Thanks for choosing! I look forward to helping you today. Please give me a moment to review your question and to answer you.
LADY LAWYER : How old are your daughters? Why is your wife threatening criminal prosecution?
LADY LAWYER : I have to sign off for the night, George. Please answe my questions when you are able and I will get back to you in the morning (my time). Thanks and I look forward to assisting you!



thanks for replying ,my daughters are 28,25,22 years old, my wife is very stuborn she wanted to hold all movable and immovable properties(house,cars,Bank account in chicago) she wanted a house property which i own in india to be settled on her and 3 dauhters,i refused,replied i can only write a will on my kids the india house property. In order to heed to her request she is filed divorce petition in chicago city cook county court and threatned she will file criminal charges against me,i have no criminal records.


Thanks george


now i am india for the past 19 months, she thretened when i was in chicago living with her,due to above conflict, i had come to india. thanks



LADY LAWYER : Thank you for the additional details, George. While the US does allow quasi-criminal charges for things like not paying ordered child support, your daughters are all past the age of 18 and so child support would not even be issued in a case like this. Now that we have that out of the way, it is my pleasure to tell you that there would be NO WAY to file criminal charges against you for anything divorce-related. It just isn't done here in the US. Divorce is strictly a civil issue (not a criminal one) and even if one party is upset or claims another party is not doing what they are supposed to, the only remedy available is through asking the judge presiding over the divorce to make the other party comply.
LADY LAWYER : That being said, if this divorce was just filed in January, it is in its very early stages. Property division would not even be addressed by the judge yet. Your wife is lying and trying to manipulate and scare you into giving her what she asks for. Do not give into her demands. You have no legal obligation to do so and she is not able to file any sort of criminal charges against you for anything legitimate. If she goes and files false charges against you by saying you beat her up or something, then that is a different issue altogether and actually, it would be a crime for her to do that here in the US. Being that you are in India, it would be easy to prove that you were not guilty of charges like these.
LADY LAWYER : If she is making specific threats about the crime she is going to say you are guilty of, then please let me know what that is and I will address it specifically. Otherwise, rest assured that she is just trying to manipulate you into getting what she wants but the law here in the US prevents her from making good on the threat of criminal punishment for anything divorce-related as described here.
LADY LAWYER : If you have any further questions, George, please just let me know. If not, would you kindly leave me a positive rating at this time? It costs you nothing further to do but it does allow the site to compensate me for my time. Thanks so much!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thanks for replying,one more question, in my situation,we have home,cars,and she has savings in shares and stocks,also as i said i have an house property on my name in India. do i need a divorce lawyer or mediation lawyer,she has a litigation divorce lawyer.please reply thanks George

Hi George! I would definitely recommend legal counsel since you are in India. And even if you were here, I would recommend it because your wife has an attorney. You may find divorce lawyers in Chicago here:

Thanks George!

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