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In Florida, in preparing for a divorce trial, how long before

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In Florida, in preparing for a divorce trial, how long before the trial are you permitted to admit evidence and a witness list?


Hello, Thanks for choosing! I look forward to helping you today. Please give me a moment to review your question and to answer you.


Judges issue a pretrail order or a case management order which detail the pretrial requirements and deadlines. Generally, the time most judges use is 45 days before trial, but that can vary depending on the local (jurisdictional) rules and the judge. You would need to reference the pretrial/case management order to be sure. If you want to see what a Motion to Strike a witness or exhibit or other evidence looks like, this is a good reference here: http://books.g


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Thanks for the response. So if I understand correctly, both attorney's need to inform each other of witnesses and other things they will be arguing? So in essence, an attorney cannot blindside the other side?

I will definitely give you an excellent response rating.

LADY LAWYER : Hi again! :)
LADY LAWYER : You are correct in your assessment. And if opposing counsel tries to introduce anyone not on the Witness and Exhibit list, you can use something like the Motion to Strike that I have provided you with.
LADY LAWYER : on RARE occasions, opposing counsel may try to introduce someone that they could not find or were not made aware of until too late. If that happens, you should oppose it and the judge will make the final decision.

great. thank you so much

LADY LAWYER : Unless there is a super good reason opposing counsel can give--like the other side tried to fraudulently conceal the witness, then the witness is not likely to be allowed to testify.
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