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My daughters ex-husband owes her back child support since

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My daughter's ex-husband owes her back child support since 2006 for 3 children (the oldest are now 22 and 20). He was/is suppose to pay $600.00 a month for all 3, but has only paid her about 3 times. She lives in SC and has been getting the "run around" from the courts. They told her she has to prove she is not getting or hasn't gotten any money from him (how do you do that when you havent' gotten any)? He owns his own businesses and has his own house. A lot of his places where in his mothers name so he could state he didn't have anything or money. We can prove he has his own businesses because they are now in his name. How do we go about taking him back for back child support (also the youngest is now 14). We firgure he owes about $45,000. Please, how would she go about collecting that? He is a very fluent business owner and has a lot of important friends, but should be responsible for his debt to his children.

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-Could you explain your situation a little more?


What do you mean by run around from the courts ?


have you spoken to Child Support Enforcement ?


Answers to these questions will help me assist you.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She has not recieved any child support since her divorce (2006) for her 3 daughters. Two of her daughters are now 20 and 21, the child support clerk told her they are now to old to receive child support (my daughter realizes that), but what about all the back child support she has not gotten for them from her ex? The youngest is only 14 and he still has not paid any support for her up to present date (4/2013). How does she go about receiving shat is owed her? She has gotten in touch with Horry County Child support and they do not give her any answers or help, they keep telling her it has to go to Florence or Columbia - she lives in Horry County (Surfside Beach). Please what can she do?

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South Carolina does not have a statute of limitation on back child support. To pursue a claim you will need to work through you regional South Carolina Child Support Enforcement.Agency. I know you indicated the Horry office was of little assistance. You should call the offices recommended and work through them. It is unfortunate that c complaint with child support enforcement was not made years ago because the penalties would have been more immediate.


Unfortunately the remedies available may not produce any immediate funds depending on the financial situation the payor is in. . You may be able to get liens on property, seizure of property and accounts garnishment of income, redirection of income tax refunds as a remedy. There re also inducements such as suspending licenses.


The following web page describes what can happen:


There are companies that perform child support collection as a business. If your daughter feels she cannot handle this, this may be a way to go. At least one collector does not charge unless they get money.


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