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I live in CA. I am 42 and have a 14 yr. old 1/2 brother who

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I live in CA. I am 42 and have a 14 yr. old 1/2 brother who lives w/ our Dad. About 2 yrs ago I made a call to CPS because the living conditions were so horrible and my brother has a possible medical problem which my Dad is not having checked out by a doctor. Our Dad found out I made the call and has not let me have any contact w/ my brother since. Do I have any siblings rights to have visitation?
Thank you for your question.

Currently, no federal or state law grants siblings inherent visitation rights. If a parent gives you permission to visit, then you may do so, but otherwise you cannot. Unfortunately, your brother is still a minor, so he cannot grant you this permission, nor decide on his own to see you.

I don't know what the situation is now with respect to the living conditions, but if your brother is being neglected currently, another possible avenue to explore would be to file for guardianship of your brother.
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