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I have a daughter who has raised 3 children alone, without

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I have a daughter who has raised 3 children alone, without spouse or x-spouse assistance. My daughter has always worked as a waitress and her wages were low enough that she qualified for some assistance from medicaid. Now that her children are raised she can get nothing. She has had a deteriated spine for some time which limits her mobility somewhat. The doctor(medicaid) she went to would not help her with disability. He said he did not believe in it. My daughter has a tooth that need extracted due to deteriation . The tooth causes her constant pain as does her lower back. She has no way to get medications or relief from the pain from her spine.
Are there attorneys that specialize in helping perple like my daughter and also work with doctors who are willing to help needy individuals? My daughter is not out to take advantage of anyone. She needs help.
Please advise.

Yes there are attorneys and you would need to use a local referral service

However, I also suggest that she can contact her elected state representative to the General Assembly because they can always get these things done. Its really like a best kept secret.

So if she has applied and been denied anything/any type of social benefit, I suggest she can begin there.

I suggest you can use this link
to find out who her reps are and also do not hesitate to call them. That is why they are there - that is what they get paid by our tax dollars to do - help constituents.

When you use that link look on the right side of your screen and use that portion.

I think I have answered all your questions; however, if not, please let me know.

Remember, I can only answer and provide true and correct information for what you ask.

Otherwise, please rate this service below Good to Excellent so that I may get credit for my time and information. Thank You and good luck with everything

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