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i need help please! i am constantly being badgered and practicaly run over by my ex and hi

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i need help please! i am constantly being badgered and practicaly run over by my ex and his wife. They have refused to pay child support. Have not paid in 3 months.
Every time my child gets a holiday break they go out of state and he keeps him the whole holiday. He believes that no rules or boundaries apply to him. He constantly ask me to drive further than the agreed pick up destination. we have been apart and divorced since 2005 and he is responsible for 1/2 of all medical expenses, he has not paid a single one. He is ordered to keep insurance on our child and he chooses the highest deductible for the lowest price. this is unfair. we were ordered by the court to take a cooperative parenting class in which i did and he has not. this was ordered 3 years ago.. he is always taking our son on week long vacations and taking him out of school. i have ask to take my son on a vacation for the spring break (fiirst time i have ever ask him for extra time) he is not cooperating.. I need advic
31 years of family law litigation. Understanding of your concerns,and a good legal knowledge base. Hi glad to help. It is really ashame that you have not pursued this prior to now, as no Judge is going to let this go on, especially not paying child support for 3 months. I do not know how that happened, he must not be paying through the clerk of court. If that is so all his payments need to start being sent in that manner. This is really not very complicated for you, and this is something you could even do yourself. You file a motion for contempt with the clerk of court where your case is or was pending, and send him a certified copy. In the motion you list all of the acts that are in violation of the final judgement, and be specific and make sure you have the evidence to prove each allegation. Call the court and get a hearing date and time, and make sure he gets this notice certified mail. At your hearing if you prove what you have stated in this post, I am sure that the judge would hold him in contempt, and can put him in jail with a purge provision. What that means is that he has the key to his jail cell. Unlike a criminal case, all civil contempt must be able to be purged by the doing of some act, in this case paying money in addition to other things. This is the quickest way to get an ex spouses attention, and after it happens once, it is not very likely that it will happen again. Good Luck, Steve
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