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If a person is working for the Attorney General office and

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If a person is working for the Attorney General office and you are going through a divorce and you are using a mediator, can you legally use the Attorney’s in your office to change what the mediator put on the paperwork without the other party knowing about it?
Thank you for your question. What paperwork are you referring to? Do you mean the agreement that is signed by the parties?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, She changed the wording on the documents and her to be ex husband was not aware of the changes. Can she use her

position as a paralegal in the AG office to do this or is it a conflict of interest for the attorney’s in her office to do so.

An agreement signed by the parties may not be changed without both parties' consent. Doing so may even be considered fraudulent. If the agreement was submitted to the court like this, the husband can ask the court to vacate the order on these grounds. I'm not sure what the circumstances were behind the paralegal changing the wording or why she did so, but these actions may even get her fired from her position.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, That helps alot. Can this same person have a friend who works for the Office of Recovery Services be asigned to her ex-husbands case for the child support payments?


That would seem to be a conflict of interests, and my guess is that the Office of Recovery Services would not allow that per its internal rules.

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