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i am the plaintiff in a child custody batle. on first motion

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i am the plaintiff in a child custody batle. on first motion i was allowed by the defendant in court and writen on the court order, to relocate from nj to ny. I have not yet move but need to due to my job, high gas price and tolls expense. now my question is, will that order remain valid after the attorneys final court setlement/plenary hearing? or do this topic needs to be brought up again? In my understanding, when something has been dealt in court and becomes a court order, there isnt the need to re-deal about it. what do you tell me?

LADY LAWYER : Hello, Thanks for choosing! I look forward to helping you today. Please give me a moment to review your question and to answer you.
LADY LAWYER : How long ago was this motion granted? Have you since had other hearings in front of the judge?

this motion was granted 15 months ago.


there was one motion after that for another non related matter


are you there?


hello i still need answer

LADY LAWYER : Hi, yes I am here.
LADY LAWYER : Sorry for the delay. I had to step out and help another customer while I was waiting for you to join in the chat.
LADY LAWYER : So the issue of you moving out of state has not been brought up again since the motion was granted, correct?
LADY LAWYER : And the respondent; are they still okay with you leaving NJ?
LADY LAWYER : In any case, the answer is that you would not be in contempt for leaving. If no other ruling has been made on the issue since your motion was granted, then the order still stands. That being said, this was quite awhile ago and if the respondent wants to try and get you to stay in NJ based on some sort of "change in circumstances" between now and when the motion was granted, they definitely can petition the court and be heard on the motion.
LADY LAWYER : So short answer is that you are free to go based on the current order but long answer is the respondent can try to make you stay.
LADY LAWYER : I see you have rejoined the chat; can I answer any additional questions for you at this time?
LADY LAWYER : Hi, I am still here. I just want to make sure all your questions are answered before I leave the chat.
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