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Dave Kennett
Dave Kennett, Lawyer
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I am seeking for divorce consultation in state of Maryland

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I am seeking for divorce consultation in state of Maryland.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Are you seeking legal counsel to represent you or do you have some general questions you want answered?
If you have some questions please let me know what they are as to your situation.
Number and ages of children?
Do you own a house?
Do you both have jobs?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes. I am seaching for legal counsel to represent me.


My general question is we have a 7-month-old daughter who lives with my wife now in MD. She has part time job and I have full time job in Michigan. Originally, they plan to come Michigan but she kept postponing the date. I helped her to pay partially the mortgage of her condo in MD and she only need to pay the condo fee. I do not have a house here in Michigan. I rent. I earn about $81k

Dear JACUSTOMER - Our website is designed to provide general legal information and we are not permitted to represent clients or give specific legal advice. I will attempt to provide you with some information as to your situation but you may need to consult with a local attorney as well. You are permitted to file your own divorce case but it will have to be filed where you or your wife is a legal resident so Maryland would be the proper venue. Either of you can file and the court will decide the various issues upon which you cannot agree. The issues involved are grounds for divorce, child custody, support and visitation and the division of property. Whoever has custody of the child will receive child support based on the respective income of the parties and calculated according to the court guidelines. Property is divided in an "equitable" manner which generally means a 50/50 split. If her condo was owned before the marriage then it would remain in her name but you would be entitled to half of any increase in value from the date of the marriage until the divorce.I'm not certain what grounds you may have for divorce but living separate and apart for a year is one of them along with things like adultery and extreme cruelty or violence. In order to start the divorce you need to file a complaint in the family law court in the county where you are a legal resident. I have included below the website for Maryland domestic relations forms if you want to file on your own. I am not permitted to prepare any legal documents from this website so all I can do is give you the information to get started.
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