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I was a Registered Nurse in MA. I -due to my husband - broke my back. I had no Divorce Attorney/money for one. My ex had a $50,000.00 retainer/ prior ADA private attorney(This attorney represented BOTH of us when 3 years earlier when I had a restraining order against my husband and we where divorcing. My ex accused me of being crazy, dangerous, drug addicted, etc. one after another. I had a hearing at the Nursing Board also at the same time because I was supervising and a there was a case of not co-signed wasted medication. I like an idiot - too honest- when asked how I was/what was going on-was on disability with severe injuries, and with no Divorce Attorney got every free consult I could find. Instead of "denying" accusations," was told to tox screen every other day and get two independent psych evaluations during divorce trial. This was all about him not wanting, but wanting full custody of our two minor children-no support payments. I just asked that heir lives be disrupted as LITTLE as possible, and be in counseling. I told the Nursing Board what I was doing but not why-including documented AA meetings(I've never drank in my life). I was so busy and alone in Probate court, I ignored MA Board of Registration Hearing- my children mattered more than anything, my whole life was being a mom(school, field trips, volunteered for everything) missed hearing, my RN license revoked- was not even working at the time due to surgeries I had. Was never fired/no complaints/no incidents? Can I get my revoked license back, in case I can work again at some point? The board was nice, I couldn't do all this at once alone- on a walker, and was terrified of losing my two children? He ruined my rep, and took my kids. Psych Eval(2)- " Depressed/deeply saddened/worried about children. Same/ primary Doctor. I bought a company ex was fired/stealing, wrote and both signed contract-tossed
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  stevexo replied 4 years ago.
31 years of family law litigation. Understanding of your concerns,and a good legal knowledge base. Hi glad to help. So sorry to hear about all these problems, and it sound like you are now ready and able to start getting a handle on these issues that you were unable to handle before. Usually the license board for nurses, just like it is for doctors and attorneys, love to see the person getting the needed help and usually do not have a desire to hurt that person. It is very understandable why you did not follow through with the nursing board at that time. Either you or counsel for you needs to contact the board and speak to their department that handles and overseas the impaired nursing program and have a conversation with one of the people there that handles this. I would be quite honest with them as to why you did not follow through, and find out how you can now pursue keeping your nursing license. This type of thing happens often, and I do know a few doctors and nurses in a similar situation as yours, who have re approached the board, and work out a settlement to keep the license. I hope you can do this soon, and I think you might be amazed how helpful these people can be in helping you keep your license, if you have the desire to work with them. Good luck, Steve

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