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Hello, I completed the divorce forms to the best of my knowledge.

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Hello, I completed the divorce forms to the best of my knowledge. I ran into a minor problem, at the end of the forms it stated that if the other party resided in another state or country then contact a lawyer. My other party resides in Germany and is a local national of the country and never lived in the states. How soon or easy would it be for the papers to be completed and my divorce finalized. I tried a different lawyer and all they did was send me an e-mail with paperwork to fill out and do all the leg work, while I am in Afghanistan. I paid them my money and nobody is available to provide help when needed but they have my money. Can your company provide better services?
31 years of family law litigation. Understanding of your concerns,and a good legal knowledge base. Hi I will be back with you shortly. Thanks, Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Sir, I tried reading the response you sent to me, but I have difficulties reading it. It came into my e-mail with plenty of different websites, I believe was the answer. I have not seen a answer yet? Is there a way to get the answer without paying again?

Hi glad to help. This company only answers legal questions, we do not provide legal services. But I can tell you how to handle this though. I take it that you will be filing for a divorce in Texas. Although the form says that if she lives in another country contact an attorney, you do not need an attorney if it is uncontested, to file those documents and get divorced. All that the other party needs to do is sign and file an answer and waiver to your petition. That means that they admit all the allegations and waive notice of the final hearing. They would also need to sign any settlement agreement.This can happen if the person lives in another state or out of the country as long as they have executed the necessary forms, and these forms are then filed with the court. There is no necessity of an attorney if the other party desires to do this on their own. You with the required forms can do this without attorney's if that is your desire. Sincerely, Steve
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