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If non custodial parent continues to break court order and

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If non custodial parent continues to break court order and not pay court ordered child support. what can be done if the judge dismisses every case and allows the father to not follow the order or pay child support consistently. Judge gives legal advice to our sons father from the bench and dismisses every case child support enforcement brings and all show causes I file. what can I do to protect our child from his fathers complete disrespect of the judicial system!
A parent certainly may hire an attorney to pursue the child support outside child support enforcement. If you cannot afford an attorney, then you can contact your local legal aid office for assistance at no-cost.

Failing to comply with an order is punishable by fine, even jail time, so it really doesn't make sense that he would be allowed to go on without consequences. Without knowing all the particulars as to why this judge keeps dismissing the case, you should know that in many jurisdictions, removing the case from child support enforcement also removes the action from the judge who handles their claims to another judge. A different judge might be more inclined to penalize him when he is found to be in contempt of court.

In addition, failing to pay support is a crime. You may contact the district attorneys office child support division to see if they would be willing to pursue criminal charges against him until he complies.
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