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I am trying to determine if I have received a faked legal document. Do

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I am trying to determine if I have received a faked legal document.
Do document numbers of a divorce quado remain the same if 3 years later a new filing is being done to change or issue a new quadro?
Does original quadro other stipulation still remain in effect if second order does not address or dismis other stipulations

AttyCBradford :

Let me make sure I understand. There was a QDRO done in the dissolution three years ago? Then a new filing was done to change the previous order of the QDRO? The original QDRO would remain in effect if the second order does not address or dismiss other stipulations.

AttyCBradford :

The plain answer is anytime there is a subsequent filing or order in a preceeding the only thing that order will change is what is in that order. Anything in previous orders that is not in conflict or not address in the new order remain in effect and are enforceable

AttyCBradford :

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can I ask more questions from you?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did ask if document numbers stay the same can you please help me with that as my concern is also document was faked

Generally the document numbers DO stay the same if the documents were filed in the same case. However, if they opened a NEW case they would be different numbers. I would be cautious as to why they are different and not filed in the original case as they should have been.