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Dave Kennett
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My daughter was dignosed as a child -polor. She won't

Customer Question

My daughter was dignosed as a child bi-polor. She won't medicate for it and has the classic mood swings,drug/alchole abuse,dui,dus,sexual actitivity. She has two children by two differant men. I love my grandchildren deatly and have been a fixture in their lives until the last several months. She has become involved in an abusive relationship. I know about the controlling games abusive men play so I have running emails with the cheif of police in her town on the fights they have had. I have running emails with my grandsons school teacher keeping her in the loop of his home life. Oh I forgot this guy was convicted to 3 yrs and released a yr ago Oct for domestic violance against his exwife. I have ran a back ground on him and see a lot more red flags. Because I am one to say what I feel I have been blocked from my grandkids and she has changed her cell phone #. Since most homes don't have landlines these days I had one installed in their home for my grandbabies protection. I am also paying the monthly bill. I am so afraid for my grandkids. I understand gransparents don't have rights to protect the grandchildren. I don't want them in the system going to a foster home when I am willing and able to care for and have had to care for the kids.
I need guideance and protection for my grandbabies......HELP me please
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 4 years ago.
Dear JACUSTOMER - As a grandfather myself I can appreciate your situation. The problem is that the mother has the right to control who can have contact with her children so your only course of action would be to file a motion for custody in the juvenile court in your county and show that the mother is unfit to raise the children. I am assuming that neither father is going to contest anything so all you would have to do is convince the court that your daughter is unfit and that the kids are in danger living with a felon. Based on your facts , I believe you would have a good case to have the children removed to your care. If you cannot afford to go to court then you would have to get child protective services involved to remove the children and have them placed with you. Just getting visitation, even if you could, would not solve the problem as it appears you need to get them out of this environment.