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My husband left our home, and is filling for a divorce. I

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My husband left our home, and is filling for a divorce. I have heard from friends that he is going to turn off the electric (its in his name) and will be cancelling our internet service, which is also in his name. I work from home, via computer, and I need to be able to support myself. Also he left me with no vehicle--he took our truck and his motorcyle. He said I "can't have my cake and eat it too". Since it is the holiday, I won't be able to rent a car until tomorrow so that I can attain a lawyer, but right now I'm beside myself! Please let me know if he can turn off the above services..
thank you,

Dear JACUSTOMER - You need to contact the power company and explain the situation however I seriously doubt any utility would come out on New Years Day and turn off your power. As for the internet I believe the same will apply but, once again, you need to contact your server and make sure the bill has been paid and that it is not turned off until you can have it switched to your name. If no divorce has been filed you can be the first to file if you can get to a lawyer tomorrow. You need to get a court restraining order against your husband to prevent him from turning off any utilities until you can get them switched to you and you can ask the court to grant you exclusive use of the premises pending the outcome of the divorce. You are also permitted to file your own divorce paperwork and I have supplied the Texas self help website which provides various forms and information for the public.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When I try to obtain a lawyer, do I have to pay him upfront for the services, or can I pay it off....

That will depend on the lawyer and what he or she will accept as to a fee schedule. Some lawyers will take payments and some will not so I can't tell you what a specific lawyer in your area might do. You can contact the Bar Association for a referral to a lawyer who may take payments and I have included that website below for your convenience.

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