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I am 70, wife is 56 - married for 5 years. I own house (before

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I am 70, wife is 56 - married for 5 years. I own house (before mariage) and for 1st three years made about $250,000/yr and supported wife - lavishly. I lost job & retired 2 years ago and wife wanted money I could not afford and she went back to former profession (which I was unaware of) as a prostitute. During last two years I supported her with house, car, health & life insurance, and all living expences. She has helped out minorly but has kept most of her earned money. I file seperate income taxes as she does not file or claim income and I do not want to be party to that. In last four months, she has spend over $50,000 on clothes and watches (from her income). She now wants to seperate (only) for 12 months as she has found a man who would buy her a $100,000 watch, clothes, car, etc, if she would live with him for 12 months - then she "wants to settle down with me", as apparently her "gift bag" would be full enough. My current income is only Social Security of $2,171/mo, and her's is either "$-0-" or up to $200,000/year ??? I will probably file for divorce. QUESTION: she has about $30,000 in her "cash box" - am I entitled to 1/2 of that - if I can get it?.


Sometimes there may be a delay in receiving a reply from me as I work on creating the best solution to the question you have presented.

Let me start by saying I am sorry to hear about this problem and the horrible situation you are in with finding out about your wife's past and the spending issue especially since you are now retired.

Hawaii is an equitable distribution state, meaning that if the parties can't agree, the property will be distributed in an equitable fashion, not necessarily equally. In making these further orders, the court shall take into consideration: the respective merits of the parties, the relative abilities of the parties, the condition in which each party will be left by the divorce, the burdens imposed upon either party for the benefit of the children of the parties, and all other circumstances of the case. [Based on Hawaii Revised Statutes 580-47]

So to specifically answer the question you presented earlier, this means you are not entitled to half of her cash box nor is she entitled to half of your money.

Again, I am sorry to hear about your situation but hope this information answers your question.

I wish you well,


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