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Hello, I need help locating a lawyer familiar with pet law.

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I need help locating a lawyer familiar with pet law. My daughter and boyfriend have seperated. They had been sharing the dog however now the ex has decided to stop sharing. The adoption was in his name however it was always intended to be shared. My daughter has all the vet bills she paid and everyone and the license has both their names on them. ALso the dog spent more than 50% of it's time in our me Please advise.

texlawyer : Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.
texlawyer : While there is no specific practice of law related to pets, they are treated as any other personal property. In other words, a court is not going to set up pet visitation in the same way you might see in a child custody arrangement.
texlawyer : Since pets are treated as other personal property, all a court would decide is ownership.
texlawyer : So, the first question a judge would ask is who paid for the dog, and was it intended as a gift from one party to the other.

Are you familiar with any cases?

texlawyer : Yes, like I explained, pets are treated as other personal property.

Do you know how outcomes have occured considering the info I gave you?

texlawyer : Just based on what you've said, that is not enough information.
texlawyer : Who paid for the dog?
texlawyer : Was it intended as a gift?

We did but in cash.

texlawyer : Was it intended to be a gift for your daughter, or the boyfriend, or to both of them?

It was to be shared between the both of them. They picked it out together

texlawyer : But his name is XXXXX XXXXX adoption paperwork, correct?

yes becasue she wasn't 21 yet but her name is XXXXX XXXXX else, vet,lisence

texlawyer : That would actually be a fairly close case, but, in my opinion, a judge would likely side with your daughter. For starters, you, her parents, paid for the dog, and she paid the vet bills.
texlawyer : In my opinion, that would overcome the fact that his name is XXXXX XXXXX adoption papers.
texlawyer : However, you have to decide whether the expense of litigation is worth it.
texlawyer : It could cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to see it through the court process.

thank you would it help to get letters from neighbors s tating that the dog was here most often until the breakup then they shared him every other week?

texlawyer : Assuming you hire an attorney, he will likely get affidavits from them.

thank you very much

texlawyer : Glad to help. If I can't do anything else for you, please remember to "rate" my answer.
texlawyer : Good luck to you and your daughter.
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