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if i have custody papers from five yrs ago with two clauses 1.

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if i have custody papers from five yrs ago with two clauses
1. cant go and ask for more child support for 3 yrs
2. cant take the child for the county for 3yrs
Does she have to have a Judge say she can or is that clause Mute now

-Could you explain your situation a little more?
What do you mean "take you out of the county"?

Are you talking about having the case moved to a different county or taking the child out of the county?

Please explain the circumstances.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Taking the child out of the county so my Daughter can except a higher paying job


I'm a bit confused. Why would your child be working? If you mean the mother getting a better job then I understand but I just want to be clear. Also, will the move affect your ability to see your child and do you have court ordered visitation?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

mother is accepting a better, she will be moving only 1 hr and 45 minutes away and yes she has full custody, with those two stipulations

DearCustomer- If the move affects your ability to exercise your court ordered visitation then you can contest the move on that basis regardless of what the original order says about moving. An hour and forty five minutes could be enough for the court to deny the move but there are no guarantees. All decisions of this type are made base on the best interests of the child so if the child's lifestyle is going to improve because of the new job the court may decide that it will not affect your visitation enough to offset the benefits. I just can't predict what the court will do in a specific case and this would be a rather close call. If she were moving across the country to another state then generally the court would not permit such a move if you have been active in the child's life on a regular basis. That, of course, is another factor when the court makes a decision of this type.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

first time doing this, i already feel more confident

pertinent information will play a key such as

paternal grandmother stole 6 mos infant child, legally, 2yrs later hands him back over with these papers, father pays no child support and after stealing an infant child and raising him for two yrs and now only sees him once to twice a year, while my daughter continues to work two jobs....your opinion, am i wrong in feeling more confident

No you are not wrong . I'm not sure which party you are in this case since you refer to your daughter working and taking the child etc. Now there's an issue with a grandparent so I'm not certain who is who and whether you want the move to take place or not.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm the one who wants the move to take place, whats keeping him (son) here when he has no contact to very little contact with the other side, i apologze i did not communicate it better, again thank you

I don't believe there is a problem with the move if the father is not involved regularly with the child.

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