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This girl who had slept with my boyfriend and others , became

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This girl who had slept with my boyfriend and others , became pregnant after telling them all that she was pregnant prior. Instead of getting a DNA test done she had her boyfriend sign the recognition of parentage, a case worker called for my boyfriends info 4months ago and said we had to wait for paperwork to go through to get the dna test done and now 8 months later she is demanding my boyfriend to take responsibility for his child. What can we do to gets this process to go faster since now we are being told by her that her now x that signed the r.o.p has to take it to court before we get our DNA test. Please help its a mess and its not right for the child involved!
Thank you for choosing JustAnswer to help you. I'm sorry to hear about your frustrating situation but I will do my best to help.

Why is this woman now claiming that your boyfriend take responsibility for the child?

Did your boyfriend conduct a DNA test?

Once I have more information I will be glad to help.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
She wants child support and her now x boyfriend who signed the recognition of parentage doesn't have a job and is in and out of jail. She wants what my daughter( who is my boyfriends child) has. The x that signed the r.o.p took a dna test and even though she wasnt his he signed. We were told to wait on the DNA test till we get the paperwork in the mail but its been 4months since we were contacted by her caseworker. Back before the child was born she had told us that there was a possibility between 3different guys my boyfriend is the only one out of all of them with jobs and she refuses to get a job. Question is can we demand a DNA test done now instead of just waiting for the x to go to court and deal with the r.o.p? Because if we wait then we have to deal with the calls and Txt messages of wants and needs for this child and if it is my boyfriends child than its not fair to keep her from getting to know her father or sister.
She cannot force your boyfriend to pay child support until he admits to being the father or a DNA test concludes he is the father and a judge adjudicates him so. You all can agree to conduct a DNA test without a court order. You may also consider filing a declarative action to have the court declare whether or not your boyfriend is the father; in which you would request a DNA test.

If she doesn't stop texting and calling then you should consider contacting the authorities to allege harassment. Simply file a police report of harassment.

I hope this has helped. Let me know if you need further clarification.
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