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My husband is a Navy vet that is suffering from and being treated

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My husband is a Navy vet that is suffering from and being treated by the VA doctors for depression. Today we were contacted by CPS with concerns for my childrens safety. 2 days ago my son, my husbands step son, was walking away from my husband while he was being disciplined and my husband grabbed his arm to spank his butt and left a bruise on my sons arm. A teacher at school saw the bruise and contacted CPS. CPS then notified us today that they were concerned for the children's safety and that the children needed to be put into another family members custody for the time being. My ex is with my son in corpus Christi, TX and I am currently relocating to CC with my daughter at my mother's during the investigation. I have read your website and very concerned that I will not get my children back due to the fact that my husband suffers and becomes irritable quickly. This investigation has definitely gotten our attention and has sped up the processes of counseling and fixing medications. There was one other incident back in February of 2012 were my husband picked my daughter up by one arm and I know of no other incidents since then but they said even though it was 10 months in between that it was considered reoccuring and that I have proven to not be able to protect my children. I want to support my husband because of fact that the dr's believe this could be PTSD but I don't want to enable him. I will do anything to help my kids. I hope you can help.
Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear that you and your husband are in this predicament. I can also see why CPS would be concerned. How exactly can I assist you? What specifically can I answer for you at this time?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I need to know is there a chance that we will get the kids back in our home if we do the classes counseling & do everything cps asks. My concern is he does suffer from depression maybe ptsd. How does this whole thing work when the parents are willing participants that have made a mistake.

Thank you for your follow-up, Margaret.

I will be very blunt and direct with you, if I may, since it appears to me that you want just the truth without the coloring. Once CPS is involved it becomes a very difficult process. However CPS is out there for the best interest of the children, and if they see that the children are not being mistreated, parents are taking classes and are acting in good faith, unless they have something directly against you or they think that the process you are pursuing is not fast enough or you are not fit enough,they may get involved against you. But far more likely CPS will allow the process to take place and unless your husband regresses, you would be able to keep the children. I do suggest that you retain counsel and have the attorney evaluate what CPS is requesting that you perform to make sure all of it is reasonable. But no, this isn't a situation where all hope is lost, in fact you have a very strong chance in keeping the children if you perform what CPS is requesting of you.

Good luck.

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